Zachary Taylor Timeline

Zachary Taylor Timeline. A lifetime of events for the 12 American President. Both public and private From his birth on November 24, 1784 to his death on July 9, 1850 in Washington D.C.

1784 Zachary Taylor was born on November 24
1787 Constitutional Convention
1789 George Washington is elected the first President of the United States of America
1796 Former Vice President John Adams is elected President
1801 Former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson is elected President
1803 Taylor serves as a volunteer in the Kentucky Militia
The Louisiana Purchase
1808 Taylor is appointed first Lieutenant in the 7th Infantry
"Father of the Constitution" James Madison is elected President
1810 Taylor is promoted to Captain
1811 Marries Margaret Smith
Daughter Ann is born
Takes Charge of Fort Knox
1812 War of 1812 with Britain
Taylor defends Fort Harrison against the Indians
1814 War Embargo Act
Taylor is Commissioned Major
Daughter Sarah is born
Creek War of 1812
The Briish troops burn down the White House and Capitol building, along with other Washington government buildings
TheTreaty of Ghent is signed on December 24, ending the War of 1812
1815 General Andrew Jackson is victorious in the Battle of New Orleans
Taylor receives honorable discharge
1816 Reinstated as Major 3rd Infantry
Daughter Octavia is born
James Monroe is elected President
1819 Bank Panic of 1819 was the first major economic colapse for the United States. Rampant public debt, inflation, and unemployment
1820 Missouri Compromise was enacted to keep equal numbers of slave states and non-slave states within the Union, after the additional land obtained through the Louisiana Purchase
1820 Taylor's daughter Margaret is born
1824 Daughter Mary Elizabeth is born
1825 John Adam's son, John Quincy Adams becomes the sixth U.S. President
1826 Taylor's son Richard is born
1828 Andrew Jackson is elected President
1829 Taylor takes command of Fort Sneling
1832 Takes command of Fort Crawford
Promoted to Colonel
Fights in the Black Hawk War
1835 Daughter Sarah dies
1836 Texas War for independence
Martin Van Buren is elected President
1837 Taylor is named Brigadier General
1840 William Henry Harrison is elected President
1841 John Tyler. assumes the Presidency upon the death of President Harrison
1842 Webster-Ashburton Treaty
1844 Taylor takes command of Fort Jesup
James Knox Polk is elected President
1845 Taylor commands army of Occupation on the Mexican border
Annexation of Texas
1846 Mexican-American War begins
Taylor fights at Matamrous
Fights Mexicans at Palo Alto
Taylor is promoted to Major General
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
1849 Zachary Taylor becomes the 12th American President of the United States
1850 Compromise of 1850
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Taylor dies on July 9, in Washington D.C.

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