Warren Harding Timeline

Warren Harding Timeline. A Lifetime of events for the 29th U.S. President both public and private. From his birth on November 2, 1865 in Corsica (Blooming Grove), Ohio to his death on August 2, 1923 in San Francisco, California.

1865 Warren Harding was born November 2
General Lee surrenders at Appomattox
Abraham Lincoln is assassinated
Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the Presidency upon the death of Abraham Lincoln
1868 President Andrew Johnson is Impeached
Ulysses S. Grant is elected President
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes is elected President
1878 Bland-Alison Act
1879 Harding enters the Ohio Central College
1880 James A. Garfield is elected President
1881 President James Garfield is assassinated
Chester Arthur assumes the Prsidency upon the death of James Garfield
1882 Harding moves to Marion, Ohio
1883 Pendelton Act
1884 Grover Cleveland is elected President
Harding purchase the Marion Star
1887 Interstate Commerce Act
1888 Benjamin Harrison is elected President
1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Sherman Silver Purchase Act
1891 Harding marries Florence Kling De Wolfe
1892 President Grover Cleveland is re-elected
1896 William McKinley is elected President
1898 The sinking of the U.S.S Maine
U.S. war with Spain
Annexation of Hawaii
Treaty of Paris
1900 President McKinley is re-elected
1901 William McKinley is assassinated
Vice President Theodore Roosevelt assumes the office of the Presidency upon the death of William McKinley
1902 Harding is elected Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
1904 Theodore Roosevelt is elected President
1906 Hepburn Act
Pure Food and Drug Act
1908 William Howard Taft is elected President
1910 Harding unsuccessfully runs for Ohio Governor
1912 Woodrow Wilson is elected Prsident
1913 Income Tax amendment is adopted
Federal Reserve Act
1914 Federal Trade Commission Act
Harding is elected to the United States Senate
1915 The Sinking of Lusitania
1916 Harding votes against confirming Brandies for Supreme Court Justice
Harding gives the key note address at the Republican Convention
1917 U.S. war with Germany
1918 Battle of Belleau Wood
Meuse-Argonne Campaign
World War I ends
1919 18th Amendment is ratified
1920 U.S. Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles
Harding disapproves of the U.S. membership in the League of Nations
Harding is elected President
19th Amendment is ratified
1921 Budget and Accounting Act
Washington Armament Conference
Shepperd-Towner Act
1922 Capper-Volstead Act
Teapot Dome transactions
Second Central American Conference
Intermediate Credit Act
Warren Harding dies on August 2

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