Ulysses Grant Timeline

Ulysses Grant Timeline. A lifetime of events for the 18th American President, both public and private. From his Birth on April 22, 1822 to his death on July 23, 1885.

1822 Ulysses S. Grant is born on April 27
1823 Monroe Doctrine
1825 John Quincy Adams is elected President by the U.S. Congress
1828 Andrew Jackson is elected President
1836 Martin Van Buren is elected President
1839 Grant enters the U.S. Military Academy
1840 William H. Harrison is elected President
President Harrison dies while in office
1841 John Tyler Becomes President upon Harrison's death
1843 Grant serves as second Lieutenant in the fourth Infantry
1844 James Polk is elected President
1846 Mexican-American War begins
Grant serves in the Mexican War
1847 The Battle of Buena Vista
Scott captures Mexico City
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Grant marries Julia Dent
1849 Zachary Taylor is Inaugurated
Millard Fillmore becomes President
1850 Compromise of 1850
1852 Franklin Pierce is elected President
Grant moves with regiment of the Pacific Coast
1854 Grant resigns from the Army
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Grant works in real-estate and farming
1856 James Buchanan is elected President
1859 John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry
1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected President
Grant works in father's store
South Carolina secedes from the Union
1861 Civil War begins
Grant is appointed Colonel of the twenty-first Illinois Volunteers
Grant is appointed Brigadier General
1862 Battle of Shiloh
Grant captures Fort Donelson an Fort Henry
Battle of Antietam
Grant wins the Battle of Shiloh
1863 Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation
Grant captures Vicksburg
Grant wins the Battle of Chattanooga
Battle of Gettysburg
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
1864 Sherman marches through Georgia towards the sea
Grant is appointed General in Chief of the Union Armies
Grant fights at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor
1865 The Civil War ends
Grants captures Petersburg
George Armstrong Custer forced the first white flag of surrender from the Confederate Army and joined General Grant to officially accept General Robert E. Lee's surrender.
1866 The Klu-Klux-Klan is founded
Grant is comissioned General of the Army
1867 Grant serves as Secretary of War, ad interim
1868 President Andrew Johnson is impeached
Ulysses S. Grant is elected President
1869 The Transcontinental Railroad is completed
Grant orders sale of gold and ruins speculation
Grant attempts to annex the Dominican Republic
1870 The Fifteenth Amendment is ratified
1872 Amnesty Act
Grant is re-elected President
Credit Mobilier scandal
1873 Salary Grab Act
1874 Grant urges resumption of specie payments
1875 Whiskey ring is exposed
1876 "Belknap" the Secretary of War is impeached
Custers Last Stand
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes becomes President
Grant tours the World
1880 James Garfield is elected President
1881 President James Garfield is assassinated
Chester A. Arthur becomes President
1884 Grover Cleveland is elected President
Grant makes bad investments and loses all of his wealth
1885 Grant writes his memoirs
President Ulysses S. Grant Dies on July 23

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