Thomas Jefferson Timeline

Thomas Jefferson Timeline. A lifetime of events for the third American President and writer of the Declaration of Independence. Both private and public from his birth in 1743 to Thomas Jefferson's death on July 4, 1826. John Adams also died on Independence Day July 4, 1826 just hours later. Jefferson was buried at "Monticello", Charlottsville, Virgina.



1743 Thomas Jefferson was Born on April 13
1762 Jefferson graduates from the College of William and Mary
1763 Treaty of Paris
1765 Stamp Act
1767 Jefferson is admitted to the bar
Townshend Acts
1768 Jefferson is elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses
1770 Jefferson is appointed albemarle County Lieutenant
Boston Massacre
1772 Jefferson Marries Martha Skelton
1773 Jefferson is appointed Albernarle County Surveyor
Boston Tea Party
1774 Jefferson writes A Summary View of the Rights of British America
First Continental Congress
Intolerable Acts
1775 Jefferson is elected an alternat delegate to the Second Continental Congress
Lexington and Concord
Bunker Hill
Second Continental Congress
1776 Lee Resolution
Jefferson Drafts the Declaration of Inependence
Jefferson is elected to the Virginia House of Delegates
The British evacuate Boston
1777 The Articles of Confederation are adopted
1779 Jefferson introduces Act for Establishing Religious Freedom
Jefferson is elected Governor of Virginia
1781 Jefferson resigns as Governor of Virginia
The Articles of Confederation is ratified
The British Surrender at Yorktown
1783 Jefferson signs the Treaty of Paris
1784 Jefferson is named minister to England
1787 The Constitutional Convention
1788 The United States Constituion is ratified
1789 George Washington is elected the first President of the United States
Jefferson is appointed Secretary of State
Bill of Rights
1791 Jefferson leads the opposition to Alexander Hamilton
1793 George Washington issues Neutrality Proclamation
Genet Affair
Jefferson Resigns as Secretary of State
1794 Whiskey Rebellion
Jay's Treaty is signed in London
1796 John Adams is elected President of the United States
Jefferson is elected Vice President
1798 Jefferson Drafts Kentucky Resolutions
Alien and Sedition Acts
1799 Fries Uprising
George Washington dies on December 14
1800 Jefferson ties Burr in Presidential Election
Treaty of Morfontaine
1801 Thomas Jefferson is elected President of the United States
Tripoli declare war against the United States
Jefferson dispatches the Navy to the Mediterranean
1802 Jefferson repeals the excise tax and Judiciary Act of 1801
1803 Ohio is admitted to the union as the seventeenth state
Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson approves the Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson commissions the Lewis and Clark expedition
1804 Jefferson is re-elected President
Burr and Hamilton duel
1805 U.S. and Tripoli make peace
1807 Jefferson Signs the Embargo Act
1808 James Madison is Elected President
1809 Jefferson signs the Nonintercourse Act
Madison is inaugurated
1812 War of 1812 begins
1813 British Blockade
1814 Jefferson sells books to congress
Washington is burned
Creek War
Hartford Convention
Treaty of Ghent
1816 Second U.S. bank is created
James Monroe is elected President
1818 First Lady Abigail Adams dies
1819 Jefferson becoms the Vector of the University of Virginia
1820 Missouri Compromise
1825 John Quincy Adams is elected President
1826 Jefferson dies on July 4th
John Adams dies on July 4th

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