Theodore Roosevelt Timeline

Theodore Roosevelt Timeline. A lifetime of events for 26th American President both public and private. From his birth on October 27, 1858 in New York N.Y. to his death on January 6, 1919 in Oster Bay N.Y. Theodore Roosevelt lived through three Presidential assassinations. Put into office after the assassination of President William McKinley, Roosevelt himself survived a serious assassination attempt. Shot October 14, 1912 while campaigning for a third term.

1858 Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27
1859 John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry
1861 Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th U.S. President
The Civil War begins
1863 Battle of Gettsyburg
President Lincoln signs his Emancipation Proclamation
1865 General Robert E. Lee surrenders the first white flag to General George Armstrong Custer of the Union Army. Lee later officially surrendered in person to General Ulysses S. Grant
1865 Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the Presidency upon the assassination of President Lincoln, becoming the 17th U.S. President
The 13th amendment to the U.S. constitution is ratified
1868 Andrew Johnson becomes the first American President in history to be impeached
1869 Ulysses S. Grant becomes the 18th U.S. President
The Transcontinental Railroad is completed
1876 Custers Last Stand
1877 Rutherford Birchard Hayes becomes the 19th U.S. President
1880 Roosevelt Graduates from Harvard
Roosevelt Marries Alice Lee
Roosevelt enrolls in law school
1881 James Abram Garfield becomes the 20th U.S. President
President James Garfield is assassinated
Chester Arthur assumes the Presidency upon the assassination of President Garfield
Roosevelt is elected to the New York State Assembly
1884 Wife Alice Roosevelt dies
1885 Grover Cleveland becomes the 22nd U.S. President
1886 Roosevelt runs unsuccessfully for the Mayor of New York
Roosevelt marries Edith Carrow
1889 Benjamin Harrison becomes the 23rd U.S. President
Roosevelt is appointed as the U.S. civil service commissioner
1893 Grover Cleveland becomes the 24th U.S. President. The only American President in history to to be elected to two non-consecutive terms
1895 Appointed president of N.Y. Board of Police Commissioners
1896 William McKinley is elected the 25th U.S. President
1897 Roosevelt is appointed the assistant Secretary of the Navy
1898 Spanish-American War Begins
Roosevelt organizes the "Rough Riders"
Annexation of Hawaii
Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam ceded to the United States
Roosevelt Commands forces at Kettle Hill
Roosevelt is elected the Governor of New York
1900 William McKinley is re-elected to the Presidency
Roosevelt is elected Vice President under the President McKnley administration
1901 Cuba adopted the Platt Amendment
William McKinley is assassinated
Vice President Roosevelt assumes the Presidency upon the assassination of President McKinley, becoming the 26th U.S. President
Roosevelt Signs the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
1902 Philippine Government Act is adopted
Roosevelt enforces antitrust laws
Roosevelt forces arbitration of the anthracite coal strike
1903 The United States recognizes the Republic of Panama
Roosevelt directs negotiations for Panama Canal Zone
Roosevelt settles the Alaska state boundary dispute
1904 The United States intervenes in the Dominican Republic
Roosevelt issues a corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
Roosevelt is elected to the Presidency
1905 Roosevelt Mediates the Russo-Japanese peace treaty
1906 Hepburn Act is passed into law
Pure Food and Drug Act passed
Roosevelt effects immigration compromise with Japan
1907 Financial panic
Roosevelt sends the U.S. Navy on a voyage around the world
1908 William Howard Taft elected the 27th U.S. President
Calls White House Conservation Conference
1909 Roosevelt embarks on a safari after his presidency
1912 Roosevelt runs for a 3rd Presidential term on the Progressive Party ticket
October 14, there was an assassination attempt on Roosevelt's life. He was shot in the chest at close range, while campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The bullet lodged in his chest after passing through his breast pocket, eye glass case and a copy of a fifty page speech he was about to give.
The .38 caliber bullet was never removed during his lifetime
Woodrow Wilson is elected the 28th U.S. President
1913 Roosevelt leaves for South America
1916 President Wilson re-elected
1917 The United States enters World War I
Roosevelt refused a request to raise a voluntary division
1919 President Theodore Roosevelt Dies January 6, of natural causes

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President Theodore Roosevelt

"No Man is worth his salt in public life who makes on the stump a pledge which he does not keep after election."

~Theodore Roosevelt

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