Mitt Romney Timeline

Mitt Romney Timeline. A lifetime of events for the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate, Governor Mitt Romney, both public and private. From his birth on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan through his 2012 Presidential election campaign.



1947 Born Willard Mitt Romney on March 12, in Detroit, Michigan
1963 Father George W. Romney becomes Governor of Michigan. He served as Governor from (1963-1969)
1965 Romney attends Stanford University
1966 Goes on Mormon mission to France
1968 Father George W. Romney runs for President of the United States unsuccessfully.
Survives a car crash while on France Mission on June 16
1969 Richard Nixon becomes President of the United states and appoints George Romney to Secretary of housing and Urban development Cabinet Post
Romney marries High School Sweetheart Ann Lois Davies on March 21
1970 Son Taggart is born on March 21
Mom Lenore Romney unsuccessfully runs for the United States Senate in the State of Michigan
1971 Romney receives a B.A. from Brigham Young University of Utah on October 12
Son Mathew is born on October 27
1975 Romney receives M.B.A. and J.D. degrees from Harvard University
Son Joshua is born on August 13
1977 Starts his career at Bain & Company
1978 Son Benjamin is born on June 5
1981 Son Benjamin is born on May 4
1984 Starts an investment firm called Bain Capitol
1994 Unsuccessfully runs for the United States Senate against Democratic incumbent Ted Kennedy
1998 Wife Anne Romney is stricken with Multiple Sclerosis
1999 Takes over the struggling 2002 Salt Lake City winter olympics on February 11, turning it around a making it a huge success
2002 Romney becomes Governor of Massachusetts
2004 Publishes his book "Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership and the Olympic Games"
2006 Signs major health care legislation into law, requiring every citizen of Massachusetts to have health insurance
2007 Unsuccessfully runs for the Presidential Republican nomination, losing to Arizona Senator John McCain
2009 Senator Barack Obama becomes historical first African American President of the United States
Romney publishes his book "No apology: The case for American Greatness"
2011 Officially announces his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential Republican nomination

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Republican State Primary and Caucus WINS

  • Iowa Caucus on January 3rd
  • New Hampshire Primary
  • Florida Primary
  • Nevada Primary
  • Arizona and Michigan Primaries
  • Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia on March 6
  • Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Virginia Islands, and Wyoming on March 10
  • Alabama, American Somoa, Hawaii, and Mississippi on March 13
  • Illinois on Tuesday March 20
  • Maryland, Washington D.C. and Wisconsin on April 3
  • Sweeps all five states Tuesday April 24. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut
  • West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina on May 8
  • Oregon and Nebraska on May 15
  • Kentucky and Arkansas on May 22
  • Texas on May 29

2012 Mitt Romney receives more than enough delegates to clinch the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, after the Texas primary on May 29th
Romney travels over seas to visit the London Olympics, Israel, and meet with foreign leaders
Aug 11 Romney announced his Vice Presidential running mate. 42 year old Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.
Aug 28 The democratic process of the state by state delegate count on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida was completed. Mitt Romney officially won the Republican Party Presidential Nomination
Aug 31 Mitt Romney officially accepts the Republican Nomination for the President of the United States
Sept 1 Romney leaves Tampa Florida, travels to Louisiana and tours the hurricane Isaac damage with Republican Governor Bobby Jindal
Oct 3 Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama engage in the first Presidential debate of the 2012 election in Denver Colorado. Jim Lehrer was the moderator for the domestic policy debate
Oct 16 Romney and Barack Obama engaged in the second Presidential debate of the 2012 election. A 90 minute town hall style debate at the Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. where questions were asked by undecided voters on domestic and foreign policy
Oct 22 Romney and Barack Obama engaged in their final 2012 Presidential debate on foreign policy, taking place in the state of Florida.
Nov 6 Election Day: Mitt Romney loses the Presidential election to incumbent President Barack Obama
2014 "MITT" the Documentary is released on Netflix with raving reviews from both the media and public at large.
2015 January 20, The 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, announces he will not run for President in the 2016 election.

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