Margaret Thatcher Timeline

Margaret Thatcher Timeline. A Lifetime of events for the first and only woman British Prime Minister. From her birth on October 13, 1925 to her death on April 8, 2013. Margaret Thatcher served as Prime Minister for more than eleven years.

1925 Margaret Thatcher was born on October 13th in Grantham, central England as Margaret Hilda Roberts
1946 Elected as the first female president of the Oxford University Conservative Association
1947 Thatcher loses her bid to become a member of Parliament
1951 Marries Denis Thatcher
1953 August 15, Twins Mark and Carol are born
1954 After two years of legal training she qualifies as a lawyer
1959 Elected to Parliament on the Conservative Party, representing the North London suburb of Finchley
1970 Becomes Secretary of Education
1975 Elected the leader of the Conservative Party
1979 Makes History by Becoming being elected Britain's first woman Prime Minister
1983 Elected to a second term as Prime Minister
1984 Survives an assassination attempt by the IRA
1986 Travels to the United States to meet with President Ronald Reagan at Camp David, and signs an arms control agreement
1987 Is elected to a third term as Prime Minister
1989 First grandchild Michael is born
1990 Resigns as Prime Minister and is replaced by John Major
1992 Enters the House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher
1995 Authors and publishes "The Path to Power"
2003 June 26, Denis Thatcher dies at the age of 88
2004 Attends Ronald Reagan's funeral
2013 April 7, dies of a stroke at the age of 87
April 17, Margaret Thatcher is laid to rest

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