Manifest Destiny
American Westward Expansion

Manifest Destiny is the 19th Century doctrine that the destiny of  the United States was Westward Expansion from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.


1800 Thomas Jefferson is elected the 3rd President in American History
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1806 Zebulon Pike explores Arkansas River
1809 James Madison becomes the 4th President in American History
Thomas Jefferson returns to Monticello
1810 Mexicans begin revolt against Spain
1812 June 18, The United States declares war with Great Britain
1813 Creek war begins
1814 Andrew Jackson is victorious at Horseshoe Bend, Alabama during the creek war
December 24, The Treaty of Ghent
1815 Andrew Jackson is victorious against the British in the Battle of New Orleans
1816 James Monroe is elected the 5th President in American History
1817 John Quincy Adams is appointed Secretary of State
1820 Missouri Compromise
1821 Mexico gains independence from Spain
1823 Sam Houston is elected to the Tennessee Congress
1825 John Quincy Adams becomes the 6th President in American History
1825 James K. Polk is elected to Congress from Tennessee
1826 July 4, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams die
1827 David Crockett is elected to Congress from Tennessee
Sam Houston is elected Governor of Tennessee
1829 Andrew Jackson becomes the 7th President in American History
Sam Houston resigns as Governor of Tennessee
Kit Carson explores the Gila River country
1833 Santa Anna is elected President of Mexico
1835 David Crockett loses re-election for Congress and leave for Texas
1836 March 6, David Crockett dies at the Alamo siege
Sam Houston is elected the commander of the Texas Army
April 21, Houston defeats Santa Anna at San Jacinto
1837 Martin Van Buren becomes the 18th President in American History
1838 Trail of Tears
1839 James K. Polk is elected Governor of Tennessee
1841 William Henry Harrison becomes the 9th U.S. President but would serve the shortest Presidential term in American History. Harrison died just one month after he was inaugurated.
Vice President John Tyler assumes the Presidency upon the death of President Harrison
July 5, Winfield Scott becomes General of the Army
1842 Kit Carson scouts for John C. Fremont's first Exploration of the Oregon Trail
1845 James K. Polk becomes the 11th U.S. President
Texas is annexed by the United States
1846 May 13, The United States declares war with Mexico
1848 Zachary Taylor is elected the 12th President in American History
February 2, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War
February 23, John Quincy Adams dies
1849 James Polk dies
1853 The Gadsden purchase

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