John Tyler Timeline

John Tyler Timeline. A lifetime of events for the 10th U.S. President from his birth March 29, 1790 to his death on January 18, 1862.

1790 John Tyler was born on March 29
1792 President Washington is re-elected
1794 Whiskey Rebellion
1796 John Adams elected President
1798 XYZ affair
Undeclared naval war with France
Alien and Sedetion Acts
1801 Thomas Jefferson is elected President
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1807 Tyler graduates from the College of William and Mary
1808 James Madison is elected President
1809 Tyler is admitted to the bar
1811 Tyler is admitted to the Virginia House of Delegates
1812 War of 1812
1813 Tyler marries Letitia Christian
Tyler serves as captain of the volunteer company
1815 Battle of New Orleans
1816 James Monroe is elected President
Tyler is elected United States Representative from Virginia
1820 Missouri Compromise
1823 Monroe Doctrine
Tyler is re-elected to Virginia House of Delegates
1825 John Quincy Adams is elected President
Tyler is elected Governor of Virginia
1827 Tyler is elected to the United States Senate
1828 Andrew Jackson is elected President
1829 Tyler attends the Virginia Constitutional Convention
1832 Nullification Controversy
Bank recharter vetoed
1833 Tyler opposes the Force Bill
1836 Martin Van Buren is elected President
Tyler resigns from his Senate seat
Tyler is chosen Vice President candidate, under the Whig Party
1838 Aroostook War
Tyler is re-elected to the Virginia House of Delegates
1840 William Henry Harrison is elected President
Tyler is elected Vice President
1841 President Harrison dies on April 4
John Tyler assumes the Presidency upon the death of Harrison
The Independent Treasury Act is repealed
Tyler vetos U.S. fiscal bank
Tyler's Cabinet resigns
1842 Dorr Rebellion
Tyler signs the Webster-Ashburton Treaty
First Lady Letitia Tyler dies
1844 James Knox Polk is elected President
Tyler marries Julia Gardiner
1845 Annexation of Texas
John Tyler retires to Virginia
Florida is admitted to the Union
1846 War with Mexico
1848 Zachary Taylor is elected President
1850 Millard Fillmore becomes President
Compromise of 1850
1852 Franklin Pierce is elected President
1856 James Buchanan is elected President
1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected President
Tyler becomes the Chancellor of William and Mary
1861 Fort Sumter
The American Civil War begins
Tyler is elected to the Confederate House of Representatives
1862 John Tyler died on January 18

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