John Kennedy Timeline

John Kennedy Timeline. A lifetime of events for President John F. Kennedy both public and private. From his birth on May 29, 1917 to his untimely death by assassination on November 22, 1963.



1917 John Kennedy was born May 29
United States enters World War I
1918 World War I ends
1919 Eighteenth Amendment is ratified
1920 Nineteenth Amendment is ratified
Warren Harding is elected President
1923 Calvin Coolidge is elected President
1928 Herbert Hoover is elected President
1929 Stock market crash
1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected President
1935 WPA is created
Kennedy graduates from the Choate School
Social Security is established
Kennedy studies at London School of Economics
1936 Kennedy enters Harvard
1937 Franklin Roosevelt attempts to load the Supreme Court
1938 Kennedy serves as secretary to his father in London
1939 World War II begins in Europe
1940 France falls to the Germans
Kennedy graduates from Harvard
Kennedy publishes "Why England Slept"
1941 Pearl Harbor is bombed
United States declares war on Japan
Kennedy is appointed ensign in the Naval Reserve
Germany and Italy declare war on the United States
1942 The Battle of Bataan
Kennedy is assigned to the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron
1943 Sicily and Italy are invaded
Kennedy is sent to the South Pacific
United States offensive in the Central Pacific
PT-109 is sunk by a Japanes Destoryer
Kennedy returns to the United States do to a back injury and malaria
1944 Allied invasion of Normandy
The U.S. takes Marshall and Marianna Islands
Kenndy has back disc surgery
Allied forces land in France
Joseph Kenndy Jr. is killed in action
The Philippines Campaign begins
Battle of the Bulge
1945 Yalta Conference
Kenndy is employed by the International News Service
Franklin Roosevelt dies
Kennedy cover the United Nations conference
Harry S. Truman is elected President
V-E Day
United Nations is organized
First atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan
V-J Day
1946 Nuremberg holds war crimes trials
Kennedy is elected the the House of Representatives
1947 The Truman Doctrine
Kennedy votes against the Taft-Hartley Act
Marshall Plan
Taft Hartley Act
1948 Berlin airlift begins
Kenedy is re-elected to the House of Representatives
Harry Truman is re-elected President
1949 Nato pact is signed
Russia explodes an atomic bomb
Nationalist Chinese evacuate the mainland
1950 The Korean War begins
Kennedy is re-elected to the House of Represntatives
1952 First United States H-bomb test
Kennedy elected to the U.S. Senate
Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected President
1953 Stalin Dies
Kennedy Marries Jacqueline Bouvier
Russia explodes H-bomb
The Supreme Court Desegregation Order
1954 Kennedy has a spinal fusion operation
Army-McCarthy hearings
1955 Kennedy has a second back operation
1956 Hungarin Revolt
Kennedy publishes "Profiles in Courage"
Dwight D. Eisenhower is re-elected President
1957 Civil Rights Act
Kennedy supports the Civil Rights Act
Little Rock school integration crisis
Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage" wins the Pulizer Prize
The Russians orbit Sputnik I
1958 First United States satelite orbited
Kennedy is re-elected to the U.S. Senate
1959 Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba
Kennedy begins his bid for the Presidency
1960 U-2 shot down in Russia
Kennedy wins the democratic nomination
John F. Kennedy is elected President
1961 President Eisenhower breaks off all diplomatic relations with Cuba
John F. Kennedy is Inauguarated
Russia puts the first man in space, Cosmonaut "Gagarin"
Kennedy announces the formation of the Peace Corps
Invation of Cuba by United States supported exiles fails
Kennedy accepts blame for the Bay of Pigs
Sub-orbital space flights by Astronauts, Shepard and Grisson
1962 The first orbital space flight by Astronaut Glenn
Kennedy asks for U.S. and Russian cooperation in exploration of space
Riots on the University of Mississippi over african-american admissions
Kennedy sends federal troops to the University of Mississippi
Soviot missile build-up in Cuba
Kennedy quarantines on Russian missile threat in Cuba
Trade Expansion Act
Kennedy orders the end of racial discrimination in federal housing
1963 Major Cooper orbits earth 22 times
Kennedy sends fedal troops to Birmingham rache riots
Limited nuclear test band is signed
Civil rights supporters March on Washington D.C.
Armed forces coup in South Vietnam
President John Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, TX on November 22

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