Jimmy Carter Timeline

Jimmy Carter Timeline. A lifetime of events for the Thirty-Eighth U.S. President both public and private. From his birth on October 1, in Plains Georgia, through a four year presidential term, political retirement and a continued life as writer and global humanitarian.

1924 James Earl Carter was born on October 1, in Plains, Georgia
1924 Calvin Coolidge is elected President
1929 Stock Market Crash
1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes the Thirty-Second United States President
1934 Securities and Exchange Commission is created
1935 Social Security Act
1939 World War II begins
1941 Pearl Harbor is attacked
Carter graduates from High school
1941 Attends Georgia Southwestern College
1942 Attends Georgia Tech University
1945 World War II ends
1946 Carter graduates from the United States Naval Academy in June
Carter marries Rosalynn Smith on July 7,
1947 Son John William is born
1950 Korean War begins
Carter's son James Earl Carter, III is born on April 12
1952 Son Donnell Jeffrey is born
1953 Dwight David Eisenhower becomes the Thirty-Fourth U.S. President
Carter's father James Earl Carter, Sr. dies of cancer on
Carter is honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy at his request upon his father's death
The Carter's move back to Plains, Georgia to take over the family peanut farm
1956 President Eisenhower is re-elected to a second term
1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy is inaugurated the Thirty-fifth President and delivers his Inaugural Address to the nation
1963 Carter becomes State Senator of Georgia
John Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas , TX during his Presidential re-election Campaign. Vice President Johnson assumes the Presidency upon his death
1967 Daughter Amy Lynn is born on October 19
1971 Carter becomes the Governor of the state of Georgia, January 12
1974 Carter formally announces his run for the United States Presidency, December 12
1975 Carter publishes his autobiography "Why Not the Best"
1976 Jimmy Carter wins the Presidential election to become the thirty-ninth President of the United States. Defeating Incumbent successor Gerald Ford, November 2
1977 Carter is Inaugurated and delivers his Inaugural Address, January 20
1977 The Department of energy is established, August 4
November 4, United States Embassy in Tehran is overrun by Iranian students. The hostages are held for 444 days.
1979 Three mile island nuclear accident, March 28
The Department of Education is established, October 17
1980 United States boycotts the Olympic Games in Moscow, February 20
Ronald Reagan wins the Presidential election, November 4

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