Grover Cleveland Timeline

Grover Cleveland Timeline. A lifetime of events for United States President Grover Cleveland, both public and private. From his birth in Caldwell, New Jersey on March 18, 1837 to his death in Princeton, New Jersey on June 24, 1908. Cleveland was nicknamed "His Obstinacy" for his stubborn and incorruptible character, brutal honesty and uncompromising principles. Grover Cleveland is the only President in American History to have served two non-consecutive terms. Cleveland served as the 22nd and 24th United States President.



1837 Grover Cleveland was born on March 18
1840 William Henry Harrison is elected the ninth U.S. President
1841 Cleveland moves to Fayetteville, New York
John Tyler assumes the presidency upon the death of President Harrison
Repeal of the Independent Treasury Act
1844 James Knox Polk is elected the 11th U.S. President
1846 War with Mexico
1848 Zachary Taylor is elected the 12th U.S. President
1850 Millard Fillmore becomes President of the United States
The Compromise of 1850
1852 Franklin Pierce is elected the the 14th U.S. President
1853 The Gadsden Purchase
Cleveland teaches school
1856 James Buchanan is elected the 14th President of the United States
1857 The Dred Scott decision
1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates
1859 Cleveland is admitted to the bar
John Brown's raid on Harper Ferry
1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected the 16th U.S. President
1861 The American Civil War begins
1862 The Battle of Shiloh
1863 Cleveland is appointed assistant district attorney of Erie County
Emancipation Proclamation
The Battle of Gettysburg
1864 Battle of the Wilderness
President Lincoln is elected to a second term
1865 Cleveland loses his election run for District Attorney
Union General George Armstrong Custer is the first to receive the white flag of surrender from the confederate Army
General Robert E. Lee officially surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant
1865 Abraham Lincoln is is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency upon the death of President Lincoln
The 13th amendment is ratifield
1868 Andrew Johnson is impeached
Ulysses S. Grant is elected the 18th U.S. President
1870 Cleveland is elected the sheriff of Erie County
1876 Custers Last Stand
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes is elected the President of the United States
1881 Cleveland is elected mayor of Buffalo
James Abram Garfield is elected the 20th U.S. President
James A. Garfield is assassinated
Chester A. Arthur assumes the Presidency upon the death of James Garfield
1882 Cleveland is elected the Governor of New York
1884 Grover Cleveland is elected the 22nd U.S. President
1886 Cleveland marries Frances Folsom
Cleveland officially dedicates the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor, October 28
1887 Dawes Act
Interstate Commerce Act
The Hatch Act
1888 Cleveland loses Presidential bid for re-election to Benjamin Harrison
1890 Sherman Antitrust Act
Sherman Silver Purchase Act
McKinley Tariff
1892 Grover Cleveland wins the Presidency against incumbent Benjamin Harrison and becomes the 24th President. Cleveland is the only President in American History to serve two non consecutive terms. (1885-1889) and (1893-1897)
1893 Requests the Silver Purchase Act be repealed
Bank Panic of 1893
1896 William McKinley is elected President of the U.S.
1898 Spanish American War
Treaty of Paris
Boxer Rebellion
1900 President McKinley is re-elected President
1901 William McKinley is assassinated
Theodore Roosevelt assumes the Presidency upon the death of President McKinley
Cleveland becomes trustee of Princeton University
1904 Theodore Roosevelt is elected President
1906 The Pure Food and Drug Act
1908 William H. Taft is elected the 26th U.S. President
1908 Grover Cleveland dies on June 24

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