George W. Bush Timeline

George W. Bush Timeline. A lifetime of events for the 43rd U.S. President both public and private. From his birth on July 6, 1946 in New Haven CT. to serving a two term Presidency and retirement to Dallas , Texas.



1946 George W. Bush was born on July 6
1948 The Bush family moves to Odessa, Texas
1949 The Bush family moves from Texas to Southern California
Bush's sister Robin is born on December 20th
1950 The Bush family moves back to Midland, Texas
Young bush becomes a cub scout
1951 bush attends school at the Sam Houston elementary school
1952 Bush's grandfather is elected to the United States Senate, representing Connecticut
1953 Bush's brother John "Jeb" Ellis is born on February 11th
Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected to the Presidency
Bush's sister Robin dies of Leukemia at the young age of four
The McCarthy hearings begin
1955 Bush's brother Neil Mallon is born on January 22nd
1956 Bush's brother Marvin Pierce is born on October 22nd
The Bush family moves to Houston, Texas
1959 Bush's sister Dorothy "Doro" Walker is born on August 18th
1961 John F. Kennedy becomes the 35th President of the United States
1963 President John F. Kennedy is assassinated
Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson assumes the Presidency upon Kennedy's death
1964 Bush graduates from the Phillips Academy
1968 Bush graduates from Yale University with a Batchelor of Science degree in History
Bush serves in the Texas Air National Guard as a fighter pilot until 1973
1971 Bush's father George H. W. Bush becomes Ambassador to the United Nations
1975 Bush graduates from Harvard Business School with a Master of Business Administration degree
1976 George H. W. Bush becomes the director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
1977 Bush marries aura Welch on November 5th in Midland, Texas
1980 Ronald Wilson Reagan is elected the 40th President of the United States along with his Vice Presidential Nominee, George H. W. Bush. Defeating the Presidential incumbent Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale
1981 George and Laura Bush become parents to twin daughters Jenna Welch and Barbara Pierce
1984 President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush are re-elected after beating the Walter Mondale/Ferraro democratic ticket
1988 George H. W. Bush is elected the 41st President of the United States along with Vice President nominee Dan Quale. Beating the Michael Dukakis /Loyd Benson Democratic ticket
1989 Bush and investment partners organize the purchase of the Texas Rangers Baseball Team
1994 Bush is elected the United States Governor of Texas
1998 Bush and partners sell the Texas Rangers Baseball Team
Bush is re-elected Governor of Texas
Brother Jeb Bush is elected the United States Governor of Florida
2000 On December 13, George W. Bush and Richard Cheney are declared winners of the Presidential election over Democratic challengers Albert Gore/Joe Lieberman ticket
December 21, Bush resigns as Governor of Texas
2001 Bush is inaugurated on January 20th as the 43rd United States President
September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States
On September 14, Bush gives his ground zero "I Can Hear You " mega phone speech
October 7, The United States goes to war with the Afghanistan In response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks
October 26, Bush signs the U.S. Patriot Act
2002 January 8, The No Child Left Behind Act is established
June 1, Bush delivers a commencement speech at West Point
The U.S Congress authorizes the declaration of war with Iraq
Bush establishes the Department of Homeland Security
2003 February 3, Space Shuttle Columbia self destructs upon enters the earths atmosphere. All seven crew members perished
On March 19, President Bush addresses the nation and declares war with Iraq
Bush signs the HIV/AIDS Act.
Bush signs the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Act of 2003
November 27, Thanksgiving Day, Bush visits the troops in Iraq
Medicare Modernization Act
Operation Red Dawn
2004 The new Afghanistan Government adopts a constitution to allow democratic elections
The 9/11 commission released it's official report
President Bush wins re-election over challenger Senator John F. Kerry
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell steps down from the cabinet post
National Security Advisor, Dr. Condolezza Rice becomes the next Secretary of State, replacing Colin Powell
2005 George Bush is inagurated and gives his second inaugural address to the nation
August 29, Hurricane Katrina devestated the gulf of Mexico's bordering southern states.
July 19, Bush nominates Judge John G. Roberts Chief Justice to the United States Supreme Court
September 1, Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton come together to raise funds for the Hurricane Katrina victims
October 31, Bush nominates Judge Samuel A Alito, Jr. Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court
2006 A bill to build a 700 mile fence along the Mexican border is signed
Saddam Hussein is found guilty of war crimes and is hanged in Bagdad, Iraq
The democratic party takes control of both Congressional Houses in the 2006 Midterm elections
Dr. Robert M. Gates replaces Donald Rumsfield as Secretary of Defense
Former President Gerald R. Ford dies
Lt. General David Petraeus replaces General George Casey as the leader of forces in Iraq
2007 January 10, a new troop surge in Iraq is announced
2008 June 21, the bush's host a White House wedding reception for their daughter Jenna Bush and Husband Henry Chase Hager
Bush signs the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
2008 Barack Hussein Obama is elected the 44th President 0f the United States
Bush issues a 17.4 billion auto bailout to General Motors and Chrysler
2009 President George W. Bush gives his farewell address to the Nation
George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush attend the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama
After serving the United States Presidency for eight years George W. and Laura Bush retire to their ranch in Crawford, Texas
The George W. Bush Presidential Library Groundbreaking in Dallas, Texas begins
Bush publishes his autobiography "Decision Points"
2013 April 13, Daughter Jenna Bush Hager gives birth to a baby girl Mila in New York City. First time grandparents announced "We met our beautiful granddaughter today. Jenna and Mila are healthy. And our family is elated."
April 25, The George W. Bush Presidential Center is dedicated. The center will officially open to the public on May 1st

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