Custers Last Stand

On June 25, 1876 George Armstrong Custer and 263 U.S. soldiers of the 7th Calvary were slaughtered at the Battle of Little Big Horn, by Chief Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and thousands of Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne Indian Warriors.

Lead by General Custer the men blindly charged towards the Lakota village camped along the Little Big Horn River to their brutal deaths. The infantry was grossly out numbered and without enough armament and bullets for the offensive. Sitting Bull had amassed the largest gathering of Indians in American History.

On June 28, In witness to the horrific aftermath of the slaughtered men and horses, the surviving 7th infantry temporarily transitioned from trained soldiers to mass grave diggers. Considering digging utensils were scarce, the mutilated bodies of enlisted men strewn about the hillside were crudely buried. Officers were buried slightly more regardful in shallow graves marked with cartridge cases filled with the names of the deceased, written on pieces of paper and driven into the ground atop wooden stakes.

General Custer was buried in a larger and deeper grave with his brother Tom, the ground encircled with stones.

Battle of Little Big Horn ~ Video Documentary

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