Bill Clinton Impeachment

The Impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The  Facts and Timeline of events for the second U.S. President in American History to be impeached. Second only to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson the 17th U.S. President, who succeeded to the Presidency when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

Bill Clinton was officially impeached on December 19, 1998 per Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution. Two Articles of impeachment were drawn against the President:

  • Lying to a federal grand jury "perjury"
  • and obstruction of justice during a sexual harassment legal suit brought against him by Paula Jones.

~ Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial in the U.S. Senate 1999 ~

A trial in the U.S. Senate to convict and remove President Clinton from office ended in an acquittal of the criminal charges against him. The Senate unable to reach the 2/3 majority vote to convict and Clinton finished out the remainder of his term.

No President in American history has ever been removed from office after being impeached.

Richard Nixon escaped the stigma of becoming the next impeached President by resigning and instead becoming the only President in American History to step down from the highest office of the Presidency.

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1995 A 21 year old Monica Lewinsky becomes an unpaid White House Intern for Chief of Staff Leon Panetta
November 15, Monika Lewinsky and President Clinton have engage in their first sexual encounter
1996 Monica Lewinsky is transferred to a job at the U.S. Pentagon working for Ken Bacon and meets Linda Tripp
Clinton is re-elected to a second Presidential term
1997 October 3, Linda Tripp begins to secretly tape Lewinsky
December 19, Lewinsky is subpoenaed by the lawyers representing Paula Jones
December 28, Clinton and Lewinsky have their last meeting
1998 January 7, Lewinsky denies having sexual relations with the President in a affidavit filed in the Paula Jones case
January 12, Tripp informs Kenneth Starr's investigators about her secret recordings of Lewinsky
January 17, Clinton gives a deposition to Paula Jone's lawyers
January 26, Clinton emphatically denied charges of sexual miss-conduct. In a televised interview Clinton addresses the nation and makes the statement "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss Lewinsky"
August 6, Lewinsky testifies to the grand jury
August 19, Kenneth Star receives Clinton's DNA
October 8, U.S. House of Representatives vote to authorize impeachment inquiry
December 11, Clinton addresses the American people and congress with a statement of apology from the White House Rose Garden
December 19, Clinton makes American History becoming the second President to be impeached, Joining President Andrew Johnson who was the first in 1867
1999 January 7, Clinton's Impeachment Trial on criminal charges begins in the U.S. Senate.
February 12, U.S. Senate votes to acquit Clinton and he is not removed from office.

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