Benjamin Harrison Timeline

Benjamin Harrison Timeline. A lifetime events for the 23rd U.S. President. From his birth on August 20 to his death on March 13, 1901. Benjamin Harrison is the only President in American History who was also the grandson of a former President. His Grandfather was William Henry Harrison the 9th U.S. President .



1833 Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20
1836 Martin Ban Buren is elected President
1840 William Henry Harrison is elected President
1841 John Tyler assumes the Presidency upon the death of Harrison
1844 James K. Polk is elected President
1845 Annexation of Texas
1846 War with Mexico begins
1847 Battle of Buena Vista
Harrison enters Farmers College
1848 Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty
Zachory Taylor is elected President
1850 Millard Fillmore becomes President
Compromise of 1850
Harrison enters the Miami University of Ohio
1853 Gadsden Purchase
Harrison marries Caroline Scott
1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act
Harrison is admitted to the bar
Harrison moves to Indianapolis
1855 Harrison becomes law partner of William Wallace
Harrison becomes notary republic
Harrison is appointed commissioner for the court of claims
1856 James Buchanan is elected President
Harrison joins the Republican Party
1857 The Dred Scott decision
Harrison is elected City Attorney
1858 Lincon-Douglas debates
1859 John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry
1860 Abraham Lincoln is elected President
Harrison is elected State Supreme Court reporter
South Carolina secedes the Union
1861 Fort Sumptner
Harrison forms a Law Firm with William Fishback
First Battle of Bull Run
1862 Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Fredericksburg
1863 Emancipation Proclamation
Harrison is promoted to Captain
Battle of Gettysburg
1864 Harrison fights in the Battle of Nashville
1865 Harrison is promoted to Brigadier General
General Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant
Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Boothe
The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified
1867 Harrison returns to practicing law
1868 President Andrew Johnson is Impeached
Ulysses Simpson Grant is elected the 18th U.S. President
1872 President Grant is re-elected
1876 Harrison runs for Governor unsuccessfully
Custers Last Stand
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes is elected the 19th U.S. President
1880 James Abram Garfield is elected 20th U.S. President
1881 James Garfield is assassinated
Harrison is elected to the U.S. Senate
Vice President Chester Alan Arthur assumes the Presidency upon the death of President Garfield
1884 Grover Cleveland is elected President
1886 Harrison loses in his run for re-election to the U.S. Senate
1888 Benjamin Harrson is elected the 23rd U.S. President
1889 Omnibus Bill
1890 Dependent Pension Act is passed
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Sherman Silver Purchase Act
1892 Wife Caroline Harrison dies
Harrsion loses re-election to former President Grover Cleveland
1893 Harrison moves to Indianapolis
1896 Harrison marries Mary Dinmick
William McKinley is elected 25th U.S. President
1901 Harrison dies on March 13

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