Andrew Jackson Timeline

Andrew Jackson Timeline. A Lifetime of events for the seventh American President of the United States both public and private. From his birth on March 15, 1767 in Waxhaws, South Carolina to his death on June 8, 1845 in Nashville, Tennessee.



1767 Andrew Jackson was born March 15
Townshend Acts
1770 Boston Massacre
1773 Boston Tea Party
1774 Intolerable Acts
First Continental Congress
1775 Lexington and Concord
Bunker Hill
Second Continental Congress
1776 British evacuate Boston
Lee Resolution
Declaration of Independence
1777 Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga
Articles Of Confederation
1781 Jackson is captured by the British
1783 Treaty of Paris
1784 Jackson begins his law study
1787 Constitutional Convention
1788 Jackson establishes a law practice in Nashville, TN
United States Constitution is ratified
1789 George Washington is elected first President of the United States
Bill of Rights
1790 Jackson is appointed Attorney General of the Western District of North Carolina
1791 Jackson maries Rachel Robards
1794 Whiskey Rebellion
1796 Jackson is elected to the House of Representatives
John Adams is elected President
George Washington's Farwell Address
1797 Jackson is elected to the United States Senate
John Adams is Inaugurated
1798 Jackson is elected Judge of Tennessee Superior Court
Alien and Sedetion Acts
1801 Thomas Jefferson is Inaugurated
1802 Jackson is elected Major General of the Tennessee militia
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1804 Jackson retires to private life
Thomas Jefferson is re-elected
1806 Monroe-Pinkney Treaty
1808 James Madison is elected President
1812 Jackson commands volunteer army in the Creek War
War of 1812
1814 Washington is burned
Treaty of Ghent
1815 Jackson wins the Battle of New Orleans
1816 James Monroe is elected President
Second U.S. bank is created
1817 Jackson commands forces in First Seminole War
1818 Jackson captures St. Marks and Pensacola in the Spanish East Florida
1819 Bank panic
1820 Missouri Compromise
1821 Jackson is appointed Governor of Florida Territory
1823 Jackson is elected to the U.S. Senate
Monroe Doctrine
1824 Jackson runs for Presidents but doesn't win majority
1825 John Quincy Adams is elected President
1826 John Adams dies on July 4
Thomas Jefferson dies on July 4
1828 Andrew Jackson is elected President
1830 Jackson vetos Maysville Road bill
Webster-Hayne Debates
1831 Jackson reorganizes his Cabinet
Eaton affair
1832 Jackson vetos U.S. recharter bill
Jackson issues a Proclamation to South Carolina
Black Hawk War
South Carolina declares Tariff Act null and void
John Calhoun resigns as Vice President
Jackson is re-elected President
1833 Removes deposits from the Bank of the U.S.
1835 Jackson barely escapes assassination
Second Seminole War
1836 Texas declares independence
The seige at Alamo
Martin Van Buren is elected President
1837 Jackson publishes his farewell Address
Bank panic and depression
1844 James Polk is elected President
1845 Andrew Jackson died on June 8
Texas annexed

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